Saturday, January 24, 2009


What a week! In between juggling a translation for hubby, filling out college applications with Clem and an Americorps application with Simon, and working on this blog with all that entails, our building's basement flooded.

The evacuation pipe burst, flooding the communal part of the basement with, well, to put it mildly, waste water. And as our building manager decided they could put it off over that first weekend, well, it kept flooding. Add to that a weekend of near-torrential rain, and you end up with this :

All of the following week, the building's plumber came and went - refusing to fix the burst pipe until the city sent their workers to find whatever had - and was still - clogging the pipe and caused it to burst. And it continued to flood.

Finally, at the end of this week, one week after the burst pipe was reported, we had the basement, now knee deep in waste water and seeping into the apartment owners' private storage areas, pumped for the first time. City workers came and started tearing up the sidewalk outside the building and complaining about how hard it was! And still no solution.

Today is Saturday, the water is flowing in so fast that it is once again knee deep, the guys came to pump the basement a second time and we are still waiting.

On the bright side, JP finally had the courage to wade through the s**t that was left after the second pumping to check our basement area and came upstairs with the good news that our space and belongings were perfectly dry! And the sale of our apartment is right on track - the delay for the potential buyer's to pull out of the sale with no penalty has passed. Hopefully they won't ever discover about the flood in the basement!

Now what kind of cake to make for myself for my birthday?


Anonymous said...

I hope your potential buyers don't read your blog Jamie.

And a very Happy Birthday!


EAT! said...

All I can say is OH MY GOSH!!!! I have never seen any building flood like that. I wish your the best of luck and sunny skies!

Tired Mom Sabine said...

Happy Birthday!!

dragonmom said...

It took HOW long to get the problem taken care of?

Wow. Just wow. And Happy Birthday!

Aeroentropy said...

Whose Idea (comma, grand) was it to post these observations on a food blog? Are you out of your mind?! (Wink, Hi Jamie!)

Jamie said...

Aeroentropy : Hardy har har! Very cute, but you are probably right!

As it turns out the problem is not solved and is turning out to be a Gordeon's knot : literally. All the city plumbing pipes in our area are all knotted up up in a big lump under the building, the ones played down in the 1860s and the post-war ones. And we seem to be on the groundwater fault line.... and they are still pumping.


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