Tuesday, May 11, 2010


My friend Aparna has invited me into her kitchen for coffee this month and I'm bringing cake. Aparna's My Diverse Kitchen is a wonderful, flavorful tale of her vegetarian Indian cuisine, her blog a source for an amazing eclectic choice of the delectible even beyond the Indian. I have gotten to know Aparna and her blog mostly through twitter and count her among my closest blogging friends. So when she invited me to host her Kitchen Café I was honored, flattered and excited and jumped aboard! I decided to make this dense, moist, delicate tea treat, the perfect cross between quick bread and cake, the perfect slice to have with coffee. Here is my post and don't forget to click through to Aparna's blog for the rest of the post and the recipe. Enjoy!


I had a lot of time to think about things as I stared out of the train window, chin cradled in the palm of my hand, mesmerized by the blur of the landscape rushing by, as I headed for Paris. Time and space and friendships. How much has changed since the last time I saw this friend I was off to meet. 30 years! My mind flew back to those days of long-distance friendships when we counted the days and weeks we would next climb on an old Greyhound bus and make the long trip for a weekend visit, or those telephone calls, few and far between, spent gossiping and giggling as only high school girls can do. I grew up at the beginning of the Space Age right smack on Florida’s Space Coast. We watched men head off into space, men walk on the moon. But the changes that I’ve seen, changes that our worldly, technically-savvy kids take for granted as much as eating and drinking, have also changed the substance of our friendships in ways that I had never even dreamed of back in those days and which still leave me stunned and amazed. Is it any wonder that I find this invention, these advances so much more amazing than even walking on the moon. We are over the stars!

30 years ago, that gangly, awkward girl that I was would never have dreamed that I could be face to face with someone, chatting away to our hearts content with just a click of a button or two. How could we have imagined that friendships could and would be made simply and easily through a lap-sized box that could be folded closed and tucked under one arm? To think that I am off to Paris on this high-speed train to see a friend with whom I had lost contact for so many long years yet found again thanks to this strange, fascinating, magical technology! So many friends from so long ago are now sitting across the table from me, day in and day out each time I turn on my computer. I have reconnected with so many that I would never have spoken to again, old friends that I never would have imagined simply bumping to on the street.

And new friends. Wow! That girl that I was, running barefoot on the hot Florida pavement, biking to school and wishing she was popular, well, if she had only known. That girl that I was sitting on the front lawn eating peanut butter sandwiches and potato chips whose only chance to travel and discover worlds outside of her simple, small town existence was through the pages of a book, traveling to farms and green pastures, across oceans and continents, if she had just bottled her impatience and bided her time. She never dreamed that one day she could have it all at her fingertips.

Click HERE to read the rest on Aparna's blog and share the recipe!


Aparna said...

Thank you Jamie for joining me for coffee this month with that gorgeous tea bread.
And I'm glad I got over my "thing" about Twitter and have made so many good friends like you. *Hugs*

Debbie said...

Jamie adds sugar and spice and everything nice <3 It's always a pleasure to follow your posts. Anyone who crosses your path is in for a sweet treat and sweeter friend :) I'm so very thrilled to have you back in my life! Promise never to lose each other again. The wonders of modern technology indeed...I am so grateful :)

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That bread is superb! I cannot resist anything that is made with lemon and blueberries.



Happy Cook said...

That bluberry bread looks so so yummy and I canimagine the full flavour of the cake.

Jake said...

I so can relate to your comments about friends and time travel. I had a great friend from the time I was 12 but we lost contact in the late 80s. I found her again 3 years ago when I joined Facebook and wondered who I should look for. She was the first person that popped into my head and voila there she was. We took up our friendship right away. Lat October her and I went to London England, her first trip abroad. Tomorrow we leave for England Scotland with our husbands for 2 weeks.
And I will be armed with all my technology, netbook, blackberry and will be blogging about our trip.

RamblingTart said...

Beautiful story, Jamie. :-) I'm really treasuring dear friends this week after some painful experiences that crushed my heart rather deeply. They are such a treasure. I love this beautiful bread too. Perfect for a cup of tea with a beloved friend. :-)

sarah said...

it was a different world without facebook, but sometimes I do miss snail mail.
Your pictures are perfect.

asiangrrl said...

It is rather amazing to think of how easy it is to be in touch with people these days. Though, unfortunately, there is still yet no way for me to simply reach into my monitor and grab a loaf of this wonderful bread!


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